Rally-Obedience (Rally-O)


Rally-O is a "qualifying" dog sport that involves the dog and handler team completing a course of 15 to 20 excercises as indicated by Rally-O signs. The ability of the team to complete the exercises correctly is judged and timed.

There are three levels of Rally-O; Novice, Advanced, and Excellent. Each team starts with 100 points and has points deducted for any mistakes made. In order to qualify you have to achieve the appropriate number of points for your level of competition. ie. 90 points or higher for Novice, 95 or higher for Advance, and a full 100 points for Excellent. Once you have gained three qualifying certificates in your class (under two different judges) you can then apply for your Rally-O Novice qualification (RN), Rally-O Advanced (RA), or Rally-O Excellent (RE).

Dogs and their handlers need to have completed at least one domestic class in Obedience in order to attend Rally-O classes.